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Lunch: The Most Important Meal of the Day - Benefits of Eating a Large Lunch


It has been ingrained in our brains that breakfast is the most  important meal of the day, that eating a big, healthy breakfast sets up  your day for success, and even that breakfast should be the biggest meal  of your day! Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. I am here,  ladies and gents, to tell you that it is not breakfast that should be  capturing your attention and tummies, but lunch. I am here to tell you  that lunch is the most important meal of the day - and here’s why.


There are many diets out there that range from caloric intake to keto  and paleo. Diets are always trending, and it’s up to us to stay on top  of each trend and decide if we feel it is a good fit for our lifestyles.  Or you could be like me, and just not diet at all! (Don’t be like me  people, I get winded after a flight of stairs). One of these diets has  to do with the time of day that you eat, and how much you eat during  each time frame. This isn’t a foreign concept of course, but if we apply  it to different areas of our 24 hour days, let’s see what the results  might be.

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According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity,  people who ate the majority of their calories before 3 p.m. lost more  weight than those who ate the majority of their calories after 3 p.m. In  layman’s terms, this means that people who made breakfast and lunch  their biggest meals of the day lost more weight than those who made  dinner their biggest meal of the day. Weight loss is a main benefit of  eating a large lunch, but it is not the only one! I consulted the help  of EmpowHer to find out some other benefits of eating a larger lunch; let’s find out!


Because of the larger caloric intake throughout the day rather than  at the end of the day, your body has more fuel to keep it energized and  functioning. It also helps to build a higher metabolism! By not skipping  lunch and taking in the majority of your calories before 3 p.m. you  build your body’s metabolism and keep it functioning healthily  throughout the whole day, rather than letting the majority of your food  sit in your stomach at the end of your day when physical activity  lowers. And lastly, forming this new habit with healthy foods can help  suppress unhealthy cravings. New habits replace old ones eventually!

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There are lots of benefits to eating a larger lunch, and we hope that  you spend some of those lunch hours with us, whether it be in one of  our restaurants enjoying the Spinato’s Experience, or at home creating  your own experience with our retail frozen Broccoli Crust Pizzas. As  always, we are so happy you joined us here at The Spinato’s Family  Table. Alla Salute!



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Back to School with Spinato’s

Parents love it. Kids dread it. You know what time it is. Back to school time! This time of year always comes with a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Lots of exciting and new things happen around back-to-school time. Well, fear not, families. Because The Spinato’s Family Table has you covered on how to successfully bring in the new school year! Let’s dive right in.

What to do what to do. Kids are back in school and you’re back to the grind of the mundane. Get them up, dressed, to school, then get them home, fed, and spend time together before homework and bedtime. There’s a lot to do in only 24 hours! I won’t assume how much sleep we’re all getting a night, but let’s all make it a goal to get our 7-8 hours in for health reasons. That only leaves us with so much time in a day to get everything done! But don’t worry. We are here to take at least one thing off your plate (literally)! Dinner can be the most challenging part of anyone’s day, especially with young children. We want to give you back some of that precious time that we all cherish to ourselves and with our families. Spinato’s has the answer!

You’re running around all day, trying to get things done. Maybe you worked an 8-hour day, maybe you ran errands and paid the bills and cleaned. Whatever you did today, you did it hard. Now the kids are coming home from school and they are starting to get hungry for dinner, But you’re exhausted! You want to give your family a healthy meal, but you’re also not trying to break another sweat today. We have the solution for you. Spinato’s frozen pizzas are the perfect Monday night dinner for the family. You have picky eaters you say? HA! We laugh at the thought that our delicious pizzas in several flavors could disappoint anybody. We got 3 cheese, tomato basil, margherita, primavera, and mediterranean options that will suit anyone’s preferences.

Oh wait, you have celiac members in the house? Again, we got you. Our broccoli crust pizzas are always gluten-free, AND, the broccoli crust makes for a crispier and more nutritious crust than any other gluten-free or plant-based crusts. Your kids win, your health wins, and parent, you win. Kids will love it and you for making Monday night pizza night! Guilt-free, too! Congrats!


Back to school is going to be a breeze. Your kids are going to excel and enjoy the year, all while being fueled by delicious and healthy food that you are providing for them. Parent of the year! As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table. Until next time, alla salute! 


School of Brocc: 

Kids Really Do Say the Darndest Things at DGM

A tale as old as time, getting kids to eat veggies - let alone like  them - is a challenge for perhaps every parent on the planet. We have  already broken the system with our Broccoli Crust Pizzas, loading  veggies in our delicious pizza pies. But, not everyone knows about our  innovative breakthrough, say, kids. So, we have put together a fun  little experiment to put our pizzas to the ultimate kid test. Welcome to  the School of Brocc, where we take our Broccoli Crust Pizzas to a  school and throw the kids a pizza party with a healthy twist. Staying  true to our Arizona roots, we chose a small, local school in a  neighboring city to our Spinato’s HQ to hold our little experiment, and  invited our local Channel 3 News to come hang out with us. We wanted to  share this super fun and enlightening experience with all of you at The  Spinato’s Family Table!  

Desert Garden Montessori is a small, local school that emphasizes the  ideals of health and well-being. These kids even wash their own dishes  at school! A garden a chicken coop provide organic produce that the  school kitchen uses every day in cooking meals for the kids. We chose  DGM because the unique curriculum and setting of this school gave us a  really great opportunity to dive in and get in the field with these kids  to do a little R&D (and have tons of fun at a pizza party at the  same time)! We got there early to work with the amazing staff to get  everything set up and ready for our little taste test.

Channel 3 News showed up just in time as the pizzas were being pulled  out of the oven. We sat the kids down and fed them each an initial  slice to let them taste, and then we asked them what they thought! And,  you guessed it, turns out that kids LOVE pizza! We panned the scenic  picnic tables that we were all sitting at to see the expressions on the  kids’ faces as they had their first bites. Each of them smiling and  barely having time to answer our questions between chomps, each response  was positive and something along the line of “yummy!” Then, after the  kids had downed a couple pies, we gave them the big reveal… it’s made  with BROCCOLI!!! Some kids’ jaws literally dropped (it’s true, we have  on film - Channel 3 local news check it out), some squealed in confusion  and shock, and others kept chomping away at their slices unbothered. We  kept pumping out pizzas, the kids kept eating, and the adults talked  business with the news guys. I myself was too busy having a pizza party  with our Broccoli Crust Pizzas!

We had a blast at Desert Garden Montessori giving these kids a  healthy pizza party, and we can’t wait to keep doing fun events like  this around the nation as the love of Spinato’s broccoli Crust Pizzas  grows.  We hope you enjoyed reading about our School of Brocc Party.  Keep an eye out for pics, videos, and coverage on this super fun event  on our socials. As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family  Table! Alla Salute!

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