Our Pies

Pizza? Or a work of art?

The swirl of sauce. The bubbly cheese. The blend of herbs. Some people call it food. We call it the art of pizza.

Broccoli Crust Pizzas

Converting mindful eaters to raving fans. One broccoli crust at a time. 

Our plant-based broccoli crust delivers a unique taste experience for today’s demanding consumer looking for more nutritious, gluten-free alternatives.

Gluten Free Pizzas

Our gluten free crust isn't an afterthought.

After you try it, you’ll understand why this pizza crust gets two thumbs up and wild cheers from gluten lovers and gluten free eaters alike.

Passion in a bottle

No shortcuts allowed. Our sauces are sautéed in small batches and made with fresh herbs, garlic and veggies and have been refined over generations.

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